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EBEDIA, specialising in the Internet world, supports companies in their digital strategy to create their bespoke websites.

EBEDIA, partner of your e-communication

We create websites optimised from design for referencing in order to achieve optimum search engine positioning. The sites created by EBEDIA are always Responsive (thanks to their Adaptive Design), so that they offer the best ergonomics and perfect readability on any reading medium, a computer screen, a tablet or a smartphone.

Your needs are met according to your project, whether for the design of a showcase site, an e-commerce site, an Intranet site for in-house information exchange, etc. We offer A to Z creation.



  • Strategic thinking
  • Development of a graphic charter
  • Site ergonomics and site map
  • Showcase website development
  • E-commerce websites
  • Easily maintained websites
  • Web development for mobile devices
  • Referencing


Development of a graphic charter

A graphic charter for a website defines the physical appearance of the Web pages that the Internet user will view when opening a site. It is therefore essential to take care of its graphic appearance to make the user want to continue browsing it.

Graphic design also makes it possible to associate a company's image with all the communication media used in order to be spontaneously identified by viewers.


Site ergonomics and site map

Visitors need swift access to website content, and in order to retain them and make them want to carry on visiting it is essential to develop user-friendly ergonomics.

The quality of its architecture is thus fundamental and of the utmost importance, as its role is to facilitate access to site content.

travail de web design et ergonomie

Showcase website development

A showcase site is first and foremost a personal story that we want to disseminate. A second story is overlaid onto this, the second act, relating the activity to be represented by this concept. Will the reader be drawn into the story and become a part of it themselves?

A website is often the first point of contact between a potential customer and a business looking to understand the character of a possible partner.

But what could influence this visitor if it is not the image that the site puts forward? Our agency proposes to write this story and create your showcase on the Web. This showcase will represent you, it will be your adventure and will perhaps tempt the reader to become a part of it.


Easily maintained websites

Development of websites integrating a CMS database offering autonomous management of page updates, and this via a secure interface.

The CMS (content management system) that we use is 100% French and offers great flexibility to make the desired changes to a page but also to create new sections.


E-Commerce development,
online sales site

In this category of sites, which involve developing commercial transactions, we devise solutions for on-line trade.

The profusion of electronic commerce sites continues to increase and consumers of all types use these quick and easy sources of supply.

There are various methods of building on-line sales mechanisms, depending on the nature of the project. Tell us your needs and we can suggest a strategy.



Website referencing, a vital action aimed at positioning a website as high as possible in search engine lists, is critical to achieve maximum visibility.

It is by this process that the site will be more likely to be visited and that the company will be able to capture the reader to offer its services.

There are two referencing techniques, one called SEO and the other SEA, but what's the difference?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is a method consisting in optimising your site to be displayed at the top of user's keyword search results. It is therefore necessary to work on the quality of the content, texts and illustrations

SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is a strategic digital marketing aid recommended for launching a new site or for launching a web marketing campaign. It is a paid action consisting in placing links on search engines. The amount paid is then determined by the number of clicks.


It is by distinguishing yourself that you will make your mark on the Web, thus strengthening your customer approach.